25mm mink lashes


25MM long mink eyelashes, which is a very popular style on the market, has been redesigned in terms of length, curvature, crossover and thin thickness of hair. The disorderly and orderly is his biggest feature, which brings her to the eyes. On the time, not only can show the unique personality, but also the eye lines, the eyes are deeper, and we choose Siberian mink hair, the hair is long for the eyelashes, which makes our quality top A pair of eyelashes can be used more than twenty times. The craftsmanship is handmade. Compared with machine production, there are souls and expressions, which are difficult for many companies on the market. We support the minimum order quantity 1pair because we have absolute confidence in our eyelashes, the eyelashes will tell you everything, the bottom is the 25mm eyelash catalog.